“Taking the EA Oath with Agastya Tax Academy”

At Agastya Tax Academy, we recognize the significance of commitment, integrity, and professionalism in the field of taxation. We encourage our students and professionals to take the EA Oath, a solemn promise to uphold the highest standards of ethics and excellence as Enrolled Agents. By taking the EA Oath, you join a community of dedicated tax practitioners who strive to serve clients with integrity and provide outstanding tax services.

I, As An Agastyian, solemnly swear to uphold the principles and values of the Enrolled Agent profession as a representative of Agastya Tax Academy. I pledge to:

  1. Integrity and Ethics: I will conduct myself with unwavering integrity, adhering to the highest ethical standards in all my professional endeavour’s. I will act honestly, transparently, and diligently, ensuring the confidentiality and privacy of client information.
  2. Continuous Learning: I will commit to a lifelong journey of continuous learning and professional development. I will stay updated with the latest tax laws, regulations, and industry practices, actively seeking opportunities to enhance my knowledge and skills through workshops, seminars, and self-study.
  3. Client Advocacy: I will be a trusted advocate for my clients, providing them with expert tax guidance and representation. I will strive to understand their unique needs and objectives, offering comprehensive solutions that optimize their tax positions while ensuring compliance with applicable laws.
  4. Professional Conduct: I will demonstrate professionalism in all my interactions, treating clients, colleagues, and stakeholders with respect, courtesy, and empathy. I will communicate effectively, listen attentively, and maintain the highest level of professionalism in all aspects of my work.
  5. Excellence in Service: I will always strive for excellence in my role as an Enrolled Agent. I will diligently prepare and review tax returns, provide accurate and timely advice, and diligently represent clients before tax authorities. I will continually seek opportunities for improvement, embracing innovation and best practices to deliver exceptional service.

By taking the EA Oath, I affirm my unwavering commitment to the principles and values of the Enrolled Agent profession and the Agastya Tax Academy. I understand that as an Enrolled Agent, I have the privilege and responsibility to positively impact the lives of individuals and businesses through my tax expertise and ethical conduct.

Together, we can uphold the highest standards of the Enrolled Agent profession, contribute to the growth of the tax industry, and foster trust and confidence in our clients.

Join us in taking the EA Oath and embark on a fulfilling journey as a respected tax professional with Agastya Tax Academy.